u-shield and it’s benefits

1. Produces enhanced finish

PPF application on your car’s exterior surface enhances the existing paint’s outlook. It instantly creates a brilliant and customised exterior look and appeal.

2. Superior protection against corrosion

The healing capabilities of the PPF provide a layer of material that blocks harmful contaminants or chemicals from penetrating. It also protects against stubborn stains and reduces paint damage from gravel chips.

3. Instant healing of minor scratches

Since the PPF has self-healing capabilities, minor scratches can be repaired by a professional car detailing expert by applying heat to the PPF.

4. High-temperature resistance

The PPF can resist the adverse effects of UV rays. It can withstand high temperatures, protecting the paint from fading sooner than expected.

5. Ease of repairability

Applying heat to the film can quickly repair minor abrasions or scratches. Since it has self-healing properties, these minor scratches can be repaired without much effort or cost.

how to maintain your ppf

  • A gentle soap and water solution to clean the car’s surface.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners.
  • Try to avoid high-pressure water to clean the car.
  • Inspect the car’s surface for any signs of damage, scratches, or chips.
  • Get the damage possibilities, if any, repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the car’s paint.

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